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Almost all the locals speak English. However it's best to know a bit of the local lingo. So here are few useful words and phrases to help you through your stay in Ayia Napa. It's all in Greek:

Yassou Hi, Hello, Goodbye
Gali - Merrah Good Morning
Gali - Nihta Good Night
Boss ees-se? How are you ?
Travel Modes
Taxi Taxi
Modorah Motor bike
Affto-kinito Car
Varka Boat
Bleeo Ship
Klithi Key
Kamari Room
Numero Number
Estiatorio Restaurant
Ar-o-thromeeo Airport
Bar-a-leea Beach Side
Thal-a-sa The Sea
(Doh) Xeno-tho-heeo The Hotel
(Doh) Amerisma The Apartment
Getting to grips with it
Bossah (eeneh) ? How much (is it) ?
Doh It
Neh Yes
Ohi No
Yia-Di ? Why ?
Ti Thellis What do you want ?
En - taxi Ok
Ganni (That's) Enough
Thelloh I want
Thello na baa-o I want to go to ....
Thameh Here
Jammeh There
Amessoz Immediately
Ellah etho Come (here)
Tora Now
Sia Sia Slowly
Imeh edimi (f) / Imeh edemos (m) I'm Ready
Se Thello Tora ! I want you now !
Se Parakalo Please
Boss Ees-se? How are you ?
Ees-se kala ? Are you well ?
Katalavis ? Do you understand?
Then Katalavis ? Don't you understand?
Then kalavo elenika I don't understand greek?
Milas Angli-ga Do you speak english?
Eating & Drinking
Sandwitch Sandwitch
Beera Beer
Ena, Theeo, Treea, Tessera, Bente One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Exi, Efta, Octo, Enya, Theka Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Mia beer-a se parakalo

One Beer please

Theloh theeo Beer-es se parakalo I would like two beers please
Epharisto Thank you
Thello Pha-ee I want some food
Bee-no I am hungry


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