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Get into the atmosphere with more pictures in Ayia Napa.


Many Scenes around ayia Napa in the evening.

The chill out area in Castle Club:

Outside Bedrock Inn - one of the best Karaoke Entertainment bars:

Queues to get into the Lost City - Another splendid Karaoke Bar

Inside the lost City. Ahhhh... The Mask puts on a song or two !

Its not only about drinking. There's Restaurant's to feel your hunger !
Try a Mexican !

Kahlua Bar - More Bars... more drinking !!!!

How do you visit another planet in Ayia Napa ? Go to the Planet Bar


Huh.... the day your say ! Well when you do manage to get up after the night before there are many things to do. You can either just chill out on the beach, go water sports or do something wild.

Usually for many it's chance to chill out and eat. There are so many quick food take away places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and many local variations. There are also many restaurants if you want to go higher class.

Check out our Music & DJs Section for Beach Party Venues

Socialising on Nissi Beach:

The huge beach front area from a boat:

Hmmm... a boat. Yeah.. Hire a speed boat.

Now feeling hungry... go for a traditional Greek meal.

Relax and get away from the heat ... now eat up !

Now its time for a nap to be ready for the evening.

Unless you wanna do something wacky and GO WILD !

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