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How do I speak the Napa Lingo?

So you are going to Napa well how will you communicate? Hey it's all Greek to me! Yes that's right as Ayianapa is in Cyprus the local language is Greek. Having said this you will find yourself quite at home as long as you speak English. You'll find that a great majority of the locals speak fluent English (or at least try too).

We have prepared a quick guide to getting around in Greek, it's a great easy to use vocabulary, so check the napa lingo page and if you like print it out and learn your way in Greek.

When should I go to Ayia Napa?

Aha! When is Napa at it's best. Well it depends what your looking for......
Peak Season is July and August. The Holiday season for Ayia Napa lasts from the beginning of May to the End of October. If you are going to party out there then you should be looking at going between the beginning of June to the end of September. At peak season all the clubs get packed out, it's great if you love being in crowds ! .... and it mayhem !

If you are planning to go at peak season the plan ahead and book your holiday early.

The Cypriots will usually take holiday leave between mid August to the beginning of September so at this time the beaches will be packed out ! but the atmosphere will be at it's peak.

The other factor to consider is your temperature liking.......... see below.

How hot is it ? and when ?

Do you like it hot or really hot. Well, find out the heat factor by visiting the monthly local temperature guide.

Cash ? What's the local currency and where can I get it ?

The Cypriot currency is in Cyprus Pounds and is available from all leading high street banks and tour operators. The exchange rate stands at around £1 English = £0.88 Cypriot. So taking account of the tourist rate ( say £1 sterling = £0.84 cyp ) When you pay for things consider that for every £1 cyp you are are spending £1.20 sterling.

It's easy to get cash in Cyprus as there are plenty of cash point machines slotted around Ayia Napa for you to draw money in the local currency.

When shopping you will find that many items are priced similar to UK prices, food, drinks etc.
However restaurant eating prices should be a lot cheaper than the OK. You'll expect to pay around £30-£40 for a meal covering four people.

Costing It !
Short Taxi Ride £3.00
Short Bus Ride £0.50
Litre of Petrol £0.65
Can of Coke £0.50
Glass of Wine £2.00
Bottle of Beer £2.50
Loaf of Bread £0.50
British Breakfast £2.50

Calling Home ?

Cyprus telecoms is run by a monopoly being CYTA. CYTA has agreements with all the UK mobile networks under the GSM network. So you can use your phone abroad as long as you have international roaming available. For more information contact your mobile network provider.

If you do not have a mobile or do not wish to take your mobile with you (to get away from it all...ah) there are plenty of phone boxes available for which you can by telephone cards for similar to the UK. You'll find at peak times (the evening) you may have to queue for a bit to get your call home.

How long does it take to get there ?

Your flying there right ? Phew... then it doesn't take that long, see the figures below:

Distance from the UK
Heathrow 4 hrs 30 mins
Gatwick 4 hrs 30 mins
Luton 4 hrs 30 mins
Birmingham 4 hrs 30 mins
Manchester 4 hrs 45mins
Newcastle 4 hrs 45mins
Glasgow 4 hrs 45mins

The local Airport is LARNACA and the average transfer time to Ayia Napa is 70 minutes.

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